About the project

Working for voila! studio & gallery in Los Angeles, I was tasked with, producing high quality, professional images. These images were used on the company’s website, for e-commerce purposes and within the businesses e-mail marketing campaign.


  • voila! Studio & Gallery
  • Photos by Mark Hancock

This piece, named “Alive forever, forever dead” by sculpture artist, Jake Lamagno, one of the artists represented by voila! My task for this product was to take professional images for use on the company’s website and social media platforms in the art world.

For the same client, I also managed the e-commerce side of their website. This would involve: Shooting the furniture, editing of the images and uploading of the photos and item details to the website.

Below you can see an example of a product photography session of mine. My shoots would include one main hero image, This would be the product, set in a complimentary environment. Another separate shoot would take place, involving the the products in front of a white background.